California Highway 99 – Merced

Photos From California Highway 99 Merced, CA As we approached the border of Merced, the first thing I noticed was the red light of a Merced Sheriff’s patrol car on the frontage road along Hwy 99. As we got closer I noticed that there were three squad cars all dealing with one person on a bicycle. I do not know if this is a sign of extreme boredom on a Sunday afternoon or just an excessive amount of resources being used. I found the people I met and talked to in Merced to be very pleasant, even Gabe. I liked …

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California Highway 99 – Atwater

Photos From California Highway 99 Atwater, CA Atwater was a nice little town with many tree lined streets. Of the communities we visited, Atwater was one of Tanya’s two favorites. There definitely seemed to be a lot of civic pride and once downtown there is no question where you are with Atwater Trophy, Atwater Electronics, Atwater this and Atwater that. I would say that the streets were empty, but compared to some of the places north of here, it was full of hustle and bustle.

California Highway 99 – Hughson

Photos From California Highway 99 Hughson, CA The next stop on our tour of CA Highway 99 was Hughson. To be fair, Hughson is not really on Highway 99, but it was a prospective location for my friends to move to, so we took the six or seven mile detour. On the way, we came across the Resendiz Family Fruit Barn which was decorated for Halloween and had pony rides and tasty treats to give families a nice destination for a Sunday afternoon. I also took the opportunity to introduce Tanya to taco trucks, which have the best carne asada …

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California Highway 99 – Ceres

Photos From California Highway 99 Ceres, CA The next town we stopped in was Ceres, CA. It borders Modesto and if it were not for the sign saying we had entered Ceres, I doubt I would have noticed a difference. Ceres seemed to be a clean, quiet town with nothing particularly remarkable about it. Lots of orchards and fields for crops. It was Sunday and rainy, so not sure if that was the reason why it seemed to be so quiet.

California Highway 99 – Modesto

Photos From California Highway 99 Modesto, CA A few miles south of Ripon we came into Modesto, the first of the prospective towns my friends from Arkansas considered moving to. I always say that you can tell a lot about a place by the motorcycles in it, so a stop at the Harley-Davidson dealership made sense. For those of you that feel I am not giving an accurate portrayal of Modesto or any of the other towns in this CA Hwy 99 series, these photos are only meant to give a first impression of these places, from an unbiased perspective. …

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