Photos From California Highway 99

Hughson, CA

The next stop on our tour of CA Highway 99 was Hughson. To be fair, Hughson is not really on Highway 99, but it was a prospective location for my friends to move to, so we took the six or seven mile detour. On the way, we came across the Resendiz Family Fruit Barn which was decorated for Halloween and had pony rides and tasty treats to give families a nice destination for a Sunday afternoon. I also took the opportunity to introduce Tanya to taco trucks, which have the best carne asada tacos on the face of the planet.

Hughson had a lot of older homes as well as some new sub-divisions. While the new homes were nice, the lots seemed pretty small. There also seemed to be a lot of abandoned and foreclosed homes, even in the new tracts. I would suspect that it is a buyer’s market up there.

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