Saturday, I headed out to Irwindale, CA to visit Fiesta Floats so I could take some photos of the building of the City of Torrance entry to the 2013 Rose Parade. As it turned out, Kaiser Permanente was having a Family Day for friends and family of Kaiser Permanente employees so there was a lot more going on than I expected. The Kaiser Permanente float was being showcased and they had magicians, crafts and games for the kids. They even let people help prepare things for the actual decorating of the float.

The City of Torrance float is coming along nicely, and decorating will be getting started within the next week or so (I would guess). The city no longer sponsors the Rose Parade entry, so it is funded by donations to the Torrance Rose Float Association (TRFA). The Torrance Rose Float Association is a non-profit so they rely entirely on donations. For more details on how you can help, please visit their website.

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