Today, my friend, Phil, and I headed out to Venice Beach to check out the 4th Annual National Go-Topless Day march. The march was to “protest unconstitutional topless gender discrimination.” The idea being that it is not fair that men can go topless but women can not. To be honest, I agree with the cause but I foresee men being forced to cover up before women will be allowed to go bare. We shall see.

It was a beautiful summer day, we took the bikes. Unbelievable as it sounds [to anyone that has tried to park in Venice on a Sunday], we actually found free parking for each bike, within 25’ of the boardwalk. As it turned out, the protest started two blocks from a restaurant we wanted to check out, The Venice Ale House. Well, Phil wanted to check out the restaurant, I wanted to check out the beer. They had plenty of different beers on tap and offer 4 and 6 beer flights. I will definitely be back. These photos are of some of the sights that are easily found on the Venice Beach boardwalk, all within two blocks.

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