My regular readers are probably aware that our business networking group, Business & Beer, recently joined in an attempt to build on the number of attendees at our weekly gatherings. For those unaware of what Meetup is, it is an online social media site that allows people with common interests to set up offline gatherings. In other words, a social media portal that actually encourages you to get away from Facebook and Twitter for a while. Whether you are looking for a business networking group or people to hunt butterflies with you, there is a good chance can help you. When I was perusing the many Meetup groups in my area, I came across the Original Sinners RC (Riding Club), which is a subsidiary of the Original Sinners MC (Motorcycle Club).

I had to ask how a motorcycle club found its way to using social media and discovered that a few of the Original Sinners previously joined another group of motorcycle enthusiasts via Meetup. For some reason that I do not recall, these few splintered off and formed the Original Sinners MC. They then decided to utilize Meetup to find additional people to ride with and hopefully find new members to the actual club.

Anyway, I joined their Meetup group and discovered they had a ride scheduled out to Long Beach and the Tilted Kilt. I investigated and found that the Tilted Kilt had a respectable draft beer menu, so it made sense that I go check it out. The Original Sinners that I met were all nice guys that like motorcycles, so I felt quite at home. The Tilted Kilt had a decent beer menu; and our server, Fallon, actually knew her way around the available beers. It was nice to meet a server that was more than just another pretty face.

It was a good time and I am sure I will ride with them again. For those looking for riding partners, I have to suggest Meetup; you might be surprised. Like one of the Sinners told me, “we even allow bikes that are not Harleys.”

Back to Meetup at the Tilted Kilt

Back to Meetup at the Tilted Kilt

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