Photos From Illinois, Missouri and Kansas
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Fun Visit To Hannibal, MO

Woke up in Springfield, IL to a very blustery day. We decided to head to Hannibal, MO to take a couple pictures and move on. That lasted several hours. Very cool little town, and if you appreciate Mark Twain like I do, it is a total kick. My great-grandfather was born there and Tanya had to wonder if they ever crossed paths. We then took a ride to Pershing State Park and eventually to Kansas City, KS. We did stop in Kansas City, MO because we wanted Italian food, and Tanya found Lidia’s. It was a pain in the butt to find and as a result we did not arrive until 9:15, and they stopped serving at 9:00. Luckily, they found a table and we had a great time. Thanks Staci.
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