Today we headed over to the Madrona Marsh Preserve in Torrance to take a few nature photos. The Madrona Marsh is what they call a vernal marsh in that it gets its water solely from rain; or melting snow, but primarily from rain around here. It is the last vernal marsh in the South Bay, and is one of the few wetlands in Los Angeles County. As it is July 21, the marsh is not very marshy but there are still some interesting things to photograph.

The last time I went to Madrona Marsh was back when I was the leader of my son’s Tiger Cubs den in the Cub Scouts. Of course, then we had a guide to help point things out. The Madrona Marsh is free to visit but they do have guided tours as well. It is something that can be fun for the entire family. Check out the Friends of Madrona Marsh website for more information.

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Back to Madrona Marsh Photos

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