When we left off I was in Ireland with my girlfriend, Tanya. We arrived at Barcelona airport early Tuesday morning due in part to a general strike in France. Some things never change.. Upon further reflection, I am not sure why we arrived so late in Barcelona. Perhaps it was because nothing was scheduled to be happening in Spain that night so we opted to stay in Dublin longer. France’s strike got in our way when we went into Amsterdam. Honest mistake.

Anyway, Tuesday afternoon we went off to a go-kart track with about 50 other people. I love racing karts in the open air. It also gave me an opportunity to work on my action photography. My photo of the day for day 264 is of me testing out my left handed shooting skills.

Day 264 picture of the day
Is This On?

Wednesday we moved from our temporary hotel at Calafell to the Le Meridien RA, where the trade show we were attending was being held. I am afraid this place may have spoiled me. This was the view from our bed.

Day 265 photo of the day
Romantic View

While in Dublin, we learned that September 23 was Arthur’s Day, in honor of Arthur Guinness’ birthday. At 17:59 we wanted to join the world in raising a toast to his honor. It was easier said than done being on a beach in Spain, but we did it. My photo of the day for day 266 is of Tanya and I toasting the memory of Arthur Guinness and the delicious brew he invented.

Project 365 Day 266

Day 267 was our final day in Spain, and we spent most of it driving to the Torres Winery for a tour and tasting. Since the 45 minute drive took 2.5 hours, the tasting had to be done quickly. That made it even more fun. My picture of the day for day 267 is of one of the fine reds Torres has to offer.

Day 267 picture of the day
Torres Winery, Spain

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