I survived Europe, so now it is a matter of waiting until I can see a doctor. I have a feeling my picture of the day is going to be pretty boring for a while.

My day 271 photo of the day is of my luggage when I arrived home. Time to go get Buddy.

Project 365 Day 271
Home Again

My absence did not cause Buddy to forget about his daily walks since my dad was kind enough to take over that duty while I was out of town. If anything, I think Buddy might have been a little more disciplined on the leash as I am relatively confident he knew he had to take it easy on my dad.

Day 272 picture of the day
Welcome Home Walk

Because of my injury, my daily exercise has pretty much been limited to the walks I take Buddy on. My photo of the day for day 273 is of yours truly enjoying the sunshine on my morning walk with Buddy.

Day 273 photo of the day
Back Into the Routine

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