A couple of friends of mine read this blog, and follow me on Facebook (see sidebar –>), and as a result have seen many photos from my visits to Gu Gu Sushi. A couple of weeks ago, we decided that we would have a sushi exchange program. I would visit their favorite sushi establishment and then we would all go to Gu Gu and see who had the best sushi. Last Saturday, I joined them at Wasa On the Bluffs, in Newport Beach, CA.

It was a fun ride there and back, and the sushi was good. They are more of a traditional sushi bar, and I tried things I have not seen or tried at Gu Gu. Our chef, Taka, was a friendly chap as was the rest of the staff. All in all, a pleasant experience. I like the dab of hidden wasabi they seem to add to every roll.

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