Petrified Forest Photos

Petrified Forest, Piedmont, SD Photos From the Petrified Forest of the Black Hills When I first arrived at the campground in Piedmont, SD I noticed there was a sign for a petrified forest that seemed to be located somewhere on the grounds that our cabin was located. After spending the day in Spearfish Canyon, Deadwood and the motocross races we decided to spend a little time back at the cabin. I spoke with one of the girls that worked there and she told me that the petrified forest was just over the hill that was behind the cabin. We decided …

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Cheyenne, WY to Piedmont, SD

Photos from Wyoming and South Dakota The Final Leg of the Ride to the Black Hills Rally Thursday did not quite go as planned. I started off in Cheyenne, WY and should have been able to make it to Piedmont, SD (my destination) in five hours. Unfortunately, within minutes of leaving Cheyenne I knew there was something physically wrong with me as I had very little muscle control. Unfortunately, as I mentioned the other day, once you leave civilization in Wyoming you are pretty much committed to continuing on until you reach another big town. It just so happens that …

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