Photos from Wyoming and South Dakota

The Final Leg of the Ride to the Black Hills Rally

Thursday did not quite go as planned. I started off in Cheyenne, WY and should have been able to make it to Piedmont, SD (my destination) in five hours. Unfortunately, within minutes of leaving Cheyenne I knew there was something physically wrong with me as I had very little muscle control. Unfortunately, as I mentioned the other day, once you leave civilization in Wyoming you are pretty much committed to continuing on until you reach another big town. It just so happens that there were no other big towns coming up until I hit Rapid City, SD and I knew that was not going to happen in my present condition.

I ended up making it about 30 miles out of town before I decided to turn around and head to a hospital for a saline drip. I felt much better, and cooler, after doing that and continued on my way. This caused a four or five hour delay, so it was getting dark by the time I arrived in Piedmont. It was good to be there and to see my honey.

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