These photos were taken at the annual Strand Brewers Club holiday party which was held Saturday evening up in Rolling Hills. The Strand Brewers Club is a local group of home brewers dedicated to the art and science of homebrewing and beer education. I was somewhat familiar with the group as I have seen them at a couple of the beer festivals I attended this year and I have met some of their members through Business & Beer. Once we arrived at the party I recognized a few faces from visits to some of my favorite microbreweries.

The Strand Brewers Club put their 11 tap serving bar to use with 11 different brews provided by club members as well as a homebrewed soda which was pretty tasty. There were also bottled versions of home brews provided and they had a competition to determine with home brew would be submitted by the club to the January American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Club only Competition. Everyone that provided entries to the competition were eager to have everyone sample their brews, and most seemed willing to do just that. They also awarded their “Most Prolific Brewer” with a certificate and a credit at a local bottle shop. It was a fun time with a nice group of people. Thanks to those that sent me an invitation, thanks to everyone that provided their home brews and thanks to our hosts for opening their home to us. Happy holidays.

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