In 1987, I had made plans to ride my bike to Daytona Beach, FL for Bike Week. A friend of mine from up north heard about it and told me that he was hanging out with some Swiss guy that was also riding to Daytona and suggested that we should ride together. I took his recommendation and told him to give the Swiss guy my address. A few weeks later, a long-haired guy with a big smile, and very little English, showed up on my porch. A couple hours later we headed out in the rain towards Florida.

To make a long story short, after arrests, court appearances, duct tape and baling wire combined with 7,000 miles on the road I had a friend for life. My picture of the day for day 345 is of me with Roland at the Mooneye’s Christmas Show and Drags.

Day 345 photo of the day
Friends To the End

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