Day five of American Craft Beer Week found us at three local brewers; Monkish Brewing, El Segundo Brewing Company and Strand Brewing Company. Monkish and Strand are both located in Torrance; I will let you guess what city El Segundo Brewing is in. While we have tried some of the craft brews from each of the brewers, it was at Select Beer Store during their South Bay Tap Takeover; so we had only tried one or two of their brews. We were impressed with all three enough that it was not a problem making a special visit.

Monkish Brewing specializes in Belgian style beer and the lack of hops is quite noticeable when you have had as many IPA’s as I have over the last week. Tanya, who is a dark beer fan, actually preferred their Feminist over the Anomaly. I liked both. The sampler pictured includes pours of Oblate, Anomaly, Red Table and Feminist.

We then headed over to El Segundo Brewing Company. I have tried their White Dog IPA and White Dog IPA with Simcoe and enjoyed both, so I was eager to see what else was on tap. By the time we got there they were down to three brews; the White Dog IPA, Blue House Pale Ale and the Hyperion’s Stout. They are releasing a new brew Sunday, so I may have to head over if I have time.

Although I had visited Strand Brewing Company the day before American Craft Beer Week started, Tanya had not been there and for most of the week their Batch 100 Stout was her favorite brew, so we decided she should try some of the others. It turns out she really likes their Beach House Amber, so her beer palate is evolving.

None of the locations serve food, but they all allow outside food to be brought in. I will cover each location individually at a later time.

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Back to Photos from Local Breweries

The watermark was donated to the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation.

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