Every Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends for the past 37 years Hermosa Beach holds their Fiesta Hermosa. It is a very large arts and crafts fair that has rides for the kids, a beer garden for the adults, and great food and music for everyone. I enjoy bringing Buddy there, because it is good training for him in that there are a ton of other people, scads of dogs and a bunch of skateboards. Buddy seems to enjoy it for all the attention he gets, and he really does seem to be in his element there.

One advantage of the beach communities is that people do think about and care for their four legged friends. All along The Strand and in the fair area there are water stations set up so the dogs can get a refreshment break. My picture of the day for day 249 is of Buddy taking advantage of a water station put up by one of the exhibitors.

Day 249 photo of the day
Critter Cooler

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