These photos were taken Saturday at Lot I of the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena. Every once in a while, when I photograph a place or event, I will submit an accompanying article to CNN’s iReport. I have a pretty good idea ahead of time whether or not they will find it suitable for use on CNN and I have a pretty good track record of getting vetted. I know that they have liked my photos from Candy Cane Lane and my coverage of the 123rd Annual Tournament of Roses Parade so it made sense for me to submit a pictorial using photos from my visits to Fiesta Parade Floats showing the preparation of some of the floats for this year’s Rose Parade. While I was not surprised to be vetted, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my article was named an Editor’s Pick which resulted in the article being placed on the front page of As one might guess, this resulted in a lot of exposure for both the article and me. Of the thousands that read the report, one was a representative of the California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC).

In my CNN report I had mentioned that my access to Fiesta Parade Floats had been cut off for the float decorating and that I was seeking a float sponsor that could provide me with a media pass. The CCFC contacted CNN, got my contact information and contacted me with an offer to come photograph the decorating of the float being entered by Cal Poly Universities at the Rose Bowl Stadium. They also provided me with some background information that they felt I would find interesting enough to write about; they were right.

Apparently, approximately 80% of all cut flowers sold in the United States are imported from other countries. The California Cut Flower Commission and California flower farmers are working with the Cal Poly Universities and the City of South Pasadena to ensure that more than 85% of the flowers used on their floats are American grown, specifically from Californias flower farms. Since I am a 5th generation Californian and this blog concentrates primarily on local business and California sights, it caused me to do a little more research. I knew we grew a lot of crops, but I had no idea that California flower farms have a $10.3 billion annual economic impact in California; that is a lot of posies. Tanya loves photographing flowers so we may have to expand from our visits to local arboretums and start hunting down some of these flower farms.

The tent that housed the Cal Poly float also had the City of San Gabriel’s entry, which celebrates their Centennial coming up in 2013. The cars for the parade were there as well as the Macy’s float which will carry the Tournament of Roses Queen and her court down Colorado Boulevard.

Since I know I am not the only one that was looking for a list of parade entries I am providing a link to the 2013 Tournament of Roses parade order.

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