These photos were taken Sunday, Mother’s Day, at the new Cahuenga Corridor in Hollywood, CA. The Cahuenga Corridor is an open air street market that is held on Sundays on the recently opened East Cahuenga Alley. This was the second week of the street market and it was Mother’s Day, so I was not surprised that it was not packed; but then again, I was not there very long.

The Cahuenga Corridor features street vendors, artisans, food and music. It intersects with the farmer’s market and the hours overlap, so I am sure as the street market grows it will eventually seem as one with the farmer’s market. Readers that are interested in exhibiting or performing can visit the Cahuenga Corridor web site, or contact me as I have an acquaintance involved with getting this off the ground, so I can put you in direct contact.

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Back to Cahuenga Corridor Photos

I included the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation watermark to help bring awareness to the only organization for victims of Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease/Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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