Whenever I go away for a while, there is one thing I really look forward to upon arriving home. The weather. On my last day riding home from Sturgis I had to get up early so I could leave Las Vegas before it got too warm. The reason for this is that no matter how hot Las Vegas is, Baker and Barstow are probably going to be hotter. At least in the summer. It is exactly the opposite in the winter. Even though I left at 8:20 AM, the coolest temperatures I dealt with were in the upper 90’s, and they got as hot as 115 in places. When I got within 10 or 15 miles of home the temperature dropped 15 or 20 degrees. I love that Pacific Ocean.

My photo of the day for day 232 is of Buddy on our morning walk. The look of excitement on his face is because he saw a cute spaniel on the other side of the park and he is hoping against hope that I give him the signal to go say hello to her. I didn’t.

Day 232 photo of the day
Buddy Spots a Hottie

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