Christmas Neo-traditions

One Christmas, when my daughter was a young girl, she informed her mother and I that she did not want any Christmas presents and that she would prefer if we bought gifts for the less fortunate. Now, this was not just some idle rambling made by a pubescent teen, she actually ended up getting her entire high school behind this idea and she got a massive number of toys donated to LA County Medical Center, and the tradition carried for several years. She may not know it, but it caused me to start my own tradition. My photo of the …

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How Much Wood?

I broke down and bought myself a Christmas present this year. I am not sure how long it will last, but with all my travel it should last through the year. My photo of the day for day 351 is the answer to the age-old question to how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could, in fact, chuck wood. About a cord.

Invasion of the Christmas Leprechauns

As Buddy and I were taking our morning walk, I was alarmed to see that the neighborhood appears to be under some sort of an invasion. Judging by the size of the invaders combined with all the clover around them, I came to the conclusion that these must be Christmas Leprechauns. My photo of the day for day 348 is of a contingent of the invasion force.

Photos of Christmas Lights in Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Christmas 2010 Candy Cane Lane, Torrance I am not really sure when the Sleepy Hollow area of Torrance, CA first began dressing up as Candy Cane Lane for the Christmas season, but it has to be close to 20 years. I have brought a few people there over the years, and no one has ever left disappointed. For several blocks, most of the homes have set up extravagant displays, to the point that entire streets are lit up. Whether Santa is riding a surfboard, Harley or sleigh; or if there are reindeer or dolphins towing him along, there …

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Our First Christmas Card

Tanya and I have been dating for more than three years, but there are certain things we have never done together. We have never celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years together. It was not until this past July that we were together on my birthday. I guess we are now officially one step closer to being accepted as a couple. We got our first Christmas card that was addressed to the two of us. My picture of the day for day 343 is of Tanya and I holding our first Christmas card that we received from our friends, Phil and …

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Photos of the Mooneye’s Christmas Drags 2010

Mooneye’s Christmas Drags 2010 Irwindale, CA As a part of the Mooneye’s Christmas Party and car show, they also had drag races on the 1/8 mile strip. The best part of this event was that all the racers were pre-1969 vehicles only. They had some rail dragsters on display and they fired them up, but the track is not really long enough for that kind of action. It was fun watching them and practicing my action photography.

Photos from the 2010 Mooneye’s Christmas Party

Mooneye’s Christmas Party 2010 Irwindale, CA Last year, a friend of mine from up north came into town for the Mooneye’s Christmas Party Car Show and Drags. As it was cold and raining, I did not bother going out there. I had heard that there was a decent turnout, but the rain put a damper on things, literally. This year was exactly the opposite. It was a beautiful 80 degree day out at Irwindale. There were loads of nice bikes and cars and lots of people. It was a great day to be in Southern California.

Photos From Hockey Night At Staples Center

Photos From Hockey Night Los Angeles Kings vs Florida Panthers Last night, Tanya and I went to a Christmas party that a friend of ours has thrown for the last couple of years at the Staples Center. Since Tanya and I have yet to spend a Christmas together, we dress up a bit to get in the festive mood, and use this as our Christmas celebration. The Los Angeles Kings hosted the Florida Panthers, and defeated them 3-2. The Kings were down 2-1 in the second period, so it is not like it was an easy win. Everyone had a …

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Getting Better

Yesterday, Friday the 8th, I was able to finally get in to see a specialist. Although he determined that he was not the right kind of specialist for my injury, he did refer me to a neurologist and is getting things in motion for an MRI to be done. But best of all, he gave me some decent meds, Dosepak. No more of these dumb pain killers that have no effect unless you take several with a couple still drinks. Steroids, to actually work on easing the problem. Although I took my first dose late Friday, buy Saturday morning I …

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