Today the Stanley Cup arrived in Hermosa Beach, CA and about 5,000 people showed up to welcome it to the beach. The Cup was accompanied by Los Angeles Kings center and Hermosa Beach resident (during hockey season anyway), Jarret Stoll. Representing the City of Hermosa Beach was a slew of Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce members, elected officials and a couple fire trucks. It was a beautiful day in Hermosa and the Stanley Cup looked great in the bright sunshine. You could see the sun bouncing off it as it traveled down Pier Avenue and it was still a few blocks away.

Since it was Jarret’s birthday yesterday, everyone joined in singing Happy Birthday and of course there were the ever present “Go Kings, Go!” and We Got the Cup!” I am not sure, but I may have heard a wedding proposal sent out Jarret’s way. As he just signed a three year contract, I will put it on my calendar to get there a little earlier next year.

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