When I last posted about meeting Tanya’s new rheumatologist, I mentioned that Tanya had been referred to an endocrinologist to investigate some breathing issues she has at times. Dr. Ishimori was concerned that perhaps there is more than just the Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease (RAD/RA)at work here. Naturally, they have to schedule all tests to be out at Cedars-Sinai, which means fighting traffic for an hour, then trying to find a parking spot followed up by trying to find out where to go to have the testing done.

Pulmonary exam
Buckle up

While we left the house with what should have been plenty of time, LA traffic was not going to cooperate and every parking lot at Cedar-Sinai was full. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to get upset at these situations so all I could do is drop Tanya off at the door, then drive around Beverly Hills looking for a parking spot. By the time I found one I was in no mood to carry my camera around plus I had no idea where I would find her or what would be photo worthy. As you can tell, I obviously found her again. The lab tech wanted me to stay in the waiting room, but eventually Tanya got it through to him that she wanted me there. When I came in the room I really wished I had my camera. I settled for using the one on her Android Xoom. The photos are not great, but you get the general idea.

Pulmonary exam two
Testing lungs

It turns out that smoking for more than half her life probably increased Tanya’s lung capacity. I was not expecting to hear that. But she passed her test. That is good; but of course, that means more tests. I am glad she still has insurance. This is going to get expensive pretty soon.

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