Last night, we brought Business N Beer to El Segundo Brewing Company. El Segundo Brewing Company, or ESBC, specializes in ales and for my money, brews one of the finest IPA’s in the South Bay with their White Dog IPA. As the photos show, this was the smallest turnout we have had since we started last month; however since ESBC is also the furthest away from Torrance and most of our members seem to be from the Torrance area I am not too surprised. On the upside, even though it was our smallest group, we still had a first timer and I had the opportunity to promote Business N Beer to a couple ESBC customers prior to the start of our event. Hopefully, some will join us at future events.

Next week, we will bring Business N Beer to the Alpine Inn, located at Alpine Village in Torrance. The Alpine Inn has a very nice selection of American craft beers, some of which is local, and they carry several European drafts as well. Alpine Inn is a German restaurant, so if you want to make it date night go ahead and bring your significant other. That is one of the advantages of Business N Beer, dates are welcome. Nothing says you can’t do business and have a good time doing it.

Be sure to sign up for the Business N Beer mailing list and follow us on Facebook. I look forward to seeing more of you next week.

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