Illinois Sights
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Valparaiso, IN To Springfield, IL

Today, Tanya and I left Valparaiso, IN and began our journey back to Southern California. While our initial plans were to spend the night in Hannibal, MO we got a little distracted along the way. We came across the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in hopes on finding Lincoln’s tomb. As it turned out, he was not buried there. We hit up Google and discovered Abe was buried in Springfield, IL. Since it was on the way to Hannibal, the detour was made. Turned out to be a great idea. Many thanks to Ashley at the Route 66 Hotel; and to Lisa K and TJ at D’Arcy’s Pint for the great service and refreshments. A thumbs down to the guy in the orange shirt that refused to let us try their carrot cake. We may return anyway.
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