All Ireland Football Finals

Photos From Dublin

Sunday was the GAA’s All Ireland Football finals at Croke Park, featuring Cork vs Down. About 83,000 people attended, and it made for a definite party atmosphere in the Dublin area. Since we did not have tickets to the game, we started the day off by visiting Trinity College and checking out the Book of Kells. Although no photos were allowed in the library it was very cool and if you ever make it to Dublin, it is worth the visit.

After the game started, we walked over to Croke Park and got some photos of the stadium and the surrounding area. We then headed over to Gills, which is the pub one block away from the stadium to have a pint or two, and watch the game. Cork beat Down 16-15 and it was a great game. As I make this entry I can still hear the partying in the streets.

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