The calendar tells me we have reached the middle of July. I can not believe how slow this month gets after the 4th. Oh well, here is some catch up with my picture of the day.

Day 194 is me while walking Buddy. The June gloom is nothing but a memory now.

Day 194 photo of the day
Could Use a Trim

Yesterday, Tanya and I decided to barbecue. She made one of her delicious Strawberry Pecan Salads. I barbecued some thighs and legs. Great leftovers.

Day 195 picture of the day
Leg and Thigh Man

Since it looks like we are going to be stuck here for a while I decided to take Buddy to the groomers. Here he looks all nice and shiny after a wash and wax. I think they may use Armor All also.

Day 196 pic of the day
Washed and Waxed

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