Happy New Year! Yes, it is 2012 and so far, it is starting off with a bang. A tradition for the past 123 years has been the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA which is normally held on New Years Day. Since New Years fell on a Sunday this year and the parade has a “Never on a Sunday” rule, it was held on Monday. The theme for this year’s parade was “Just Imagine” and as you can see by looking at the photos of the floats, there was a lot of imagination put into their design. This was my first opportunity to attend the parade but hopefully it will not be my last.

Since there were so many photos I had to break the parade up into two groups. These photos are of the marching bands, equestrian units and drill teams. The next gallery will be of all the floats. There are 900+ photos in this gallery, so if you marched in the parade, there is a very good chance your photo is here. Additionally, since there are so many photos, you might find it easier to use the slideshow function and let it run on auto-pilot. There is even a full screen option for your viewing pleasure.

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Back to Rose Parade Photos

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