I was given a very nice hi-def helmet cam for my last birthday, but as I feared, it fell off while I was riding. I lucked out in that I had just gotten off the freeway after doing 100 miles of 70+ MPH. It fell into my lap when taking off from a stop. Needless to say, I became paranoid about using it because the kit they provide for attaching it, pretty much sucked. It turns out attaching a flat surface to a rounded surface would need more than a band-aid to hold it on. Of course their demo had a guy riding a bicycle, so maybe motorcycles wasn’t their first thought.

Anyway, on New Years Eve I was taking my mom’s ashes to the cemetery, so I needed to figure a way to get it on, and have it stay on. Unfortunately, this also means that it had better be right the first time as going back would not be easy. Contact cement. Right on the package they say, “Don’t screw up because there is no going back.”

Well, I measured three or four times, scratched in my positions, then checked and double checked. I glued it. I was going to adjust the lens the next day, but as fate would have it, it actually rained! On the 30th of December? Who would have thought that would ever happen?

Well, I was just going to have to go for it, adjusted or not. It wasn’t. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. Your brain will make up for the slant if you concentrate. Anyhow. motorcycle riding season is upon us. Tomorrow, Neptune’s Net. If I am going to keep up with you know who, I needed to get this thing dialed in. So today I spent twisting and turning and riding and testing and cursing and I think I got it.

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