Two months ago, Tanya and I came up with the idea of Business & Beer; a networking group for small business owners in the South Bay that would meet after normal working hours and we would support the local craft brewers in the area. Since we became familiar with many of the brewpubs and gastropubs in the South Bay area, we decided to include them in the rotation. Last night we had our ninth get-together and our first return to one of our original hosts, Monkish Brewing Company in Torrance, CA. Monkish Brewing is a relatively new micro brewery in Torrance that specializes in Belgian style beer and ales.

Even though we had to compete with the Democratic National Convention and Obama’s acceptance speech we still had a nice turnout and even had a couple people that just happened to be at Monkish while we were setting up come over to learn more about Business N Beer. They both ended up sticking around for a while. I have been asking around and it appears some of you are doing business together now, so Business & Beer is accomplishing what it set out to do.

Next week we will return to Strand Brewing Company in Torrance. Strand Brewing is a great local brewer that specializes in ales with just the right amount of hoppiness. We hope to see you there. Be sure to follow Business N Beer on Facebook; there you can learn about our upcoming event at Oktoberfest at Alpine Village. Free for all Business & Beer members.

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