Kiss a Gay Day at Chick-fil-A, Torrance

What if they threw a protest and nobody came? Well, apparently that is what happened with Kiss a Gay Day that was supposed to be happening at Chick-fil-A locations around the country. I went back to the Torrance location that had literally thousands of supporters on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day that was held on Wednesday, and the only sign of anything gay was some vandalism done by a coward in the night. As I mentioned the other day, I walk past the Hawthorne and 182nd Street location daily. This morning, when I was walking the dogs, I noticed that there were …

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Photos from a day at Venice Beach

Today, my friend, Phil, and I headed out to Venice Beach to check out the 4th Annual National Go-Topless Day march. The march was to “protest unconstitutional topless gender discrimination.” The idea being that it is not fair that men can go topless but women can not. To be honest, I agree with the cause but I foresee men being forced to cover up before women will be allowed to go bare. We shall see. It was a beautiful summer day, we took the bikes. Unbelievable as it sounds [to anyone that has tried to park in Venice on a …

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Photos from 4th Amendment protest in Indy

A couple of weeks ago, the Indiana State Supreme Court ruled on the appeal of Barnes v. State of Indiana. While it should have been an extremely simple case to rule on (Barnes was guilty), the Supreme Court decided that they wanted to use this case as an excuse to essentially overturn the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. Not only did they say that Barnes was guilty, but they decided that the police do not need to have a reason to enter homes in the Hoosier State. They said if the cops enter your house illegally, you are free …

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