Photos From Killarney to Dublin, Ireland

The Third Day of Our Tour of Ireland

On Thursday, we received notice that a cruise ship was coming into Cork on Friday morning. This meant that upwards of 20 tour buses would be descending on the Blarney Castle, which was to be our first stop Friday morning. Our driver, Don, decided that in order to beat the crowds we would hit the road at 8:00 AM. Another early day. It turned out to be a great idea as there was only one other tour bus there when we arrived.

After a couple hours at the Blarney Castle we worked our way back to Dublin, stopping at a couple ruins along the way. I have no regrets about the decision to use Paddy Wagon Tours for the first part of our journey. I would advise anyone following in out footsteps to inquire about using a bed and breakfast for the evenings as hostels are the default nighttime stay. If you want to relive your college years that might work, but I am past that.

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