A couple of weeks ago I headed out to Fiesta Floats in Irwindale, CA to take some photos of the float being entered in the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade by the City of Torrance. Fiesta Floats creates some of the best floats in the Tournament of Roses and has won the Sweepstakes Award for the last 19 years. That is pretty impressive. As it turned out, Kaiser Permanente was having a family day there, so the warehouse was pretty packed and it made it difficult to get a lot of shots. I went back this morning to see what kind of progress had been made.

Well, it was pretty obvious that they had been busy at Fiesta Parade Floats, because there were several new floats there. It did not look like a lot of work had been done on the Torrance or Kaiser floats; but I don’t know that they really needed much beyond the application of the flowers. To that end, all of the floats had scaffolding around them so that the volunteers and workers could apply the flowers and seeds. Unfortunately, that took away from my ability to photograph the floats. Oh well; it is what it is. They start decorating on December 26 and unless I can arrange a pass I will not be able to get any more preparation shots.

The Torrance float is funded by donations to the Torrance Rose Float Association (TRFA). The Torrance Rose Float Association is a non-profit so they rely entirely on donations. For more details on how you can help, please visit the Torrance Rose Float Association website.

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