The day that many Torrance and South Bay residents have been waiting for has finally arrived, the Del Amo Boulevard extension between Maple Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard is now open. This .7 mile stretch of road has been in the planning stages since sometime in the 70’s, and for the last 15 years they have been trying to get the project funded and completed. $32 million later, the stretch was opened to traffic last night, August 22. Once people figure out that the roadway is now open, it is expected to reduce traffic fairly significantly on both Torrance Boulevard and 190th Street. I took a drive on it this morning and it appears that the news has yet to get to the people, so here it is.

I had another event to go to last night, so I could not stick around for the speeches and festivities, but I was able to capture a few photos of the antique cars that were the first public vehicles to be allowed to drive the length of the road. I now have a shortcut to get over to Monkish Brewing, so I am sure I will use the Del Amo extension at least a few times a month.

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Back to Del Amo Extension Photos

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