Last weekend, Tanya and I were headed out of town when we saw a small truck that was skinned with an advertisement for Since my son, Daniel, and his wife are currently pregnant with my first grandson, at the first opportunity I went to the Daddy Scrubs website to order some scrubs for Daniel.

When I got there I noticed that the pants of the scrubs had the domain name going down one of the legs. I liked the outfit, but I did not like the idea of the URL on the pants so I simply used their contact form and asked if I could get them sans the URL. Almost immediately, I received a response from the owner. After a couple of exchanges it was decided that I would come down to their offices and pick up the scrubs directly from them. It turns out that they had been having some discussions as to whether or not to include the URL on the leg. My request had helped give them an outsiders opinion.

I brought the scrubs to Daniel yesterday. He loves them. When talking to him this morning he told me he wore them for the rest of the day. His 8 year old stepson told me he wanted me to get a matching pair for him and his new baby brother. I guess Daddy Scrubs may have a new market available that they had not thought of.

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