This review is of the Alpine Inn at Alpine Village in Torrance, CA. A couple of weeks ago, Tanya and I had lunch at the Alpine Inn during a networking event with the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce. We were impressed enough with the lunch that we figured we would have to make a return visit. As we were exiting I noticed a large chalkboard with numerous micro-brewery beers on tap listed. An Oatmeal Stout caught my eye, and I knew we would return. As it turns out, it was sooner than expected as we returned this past Sunday. I think the fact that it was a Sunday meant that there was a large dance floor and music was provided for dancing. It may have been a special event, I do not know. I tried to find some information on their website, but was unsuccessful. If dancing is your thing, you might try calling for information. If you like German food, then I would recommend the Alpine Inn with no qualms.

When we came for lunch, there was a special menu for our group. We got salads but had no choice on dressing, so got the vinaigrette. I had ranch on my subsequent visit. I should have stuck with the house suggestion of vinaigrette as it was much better. Tanya got the Whiskey BBQ Sausage Sandwich which she thought was great. I ordered the Pork Milanese, mainly for the sauteed spinach. The spinach was great and the pork was good. I am not really a pork guy, but wanted to order something different than Tanya for the comparisons. The strudel was delicious.

On Sunday, Tanya ordered Sauerbraten and I got the Hungarian Goulash. I have to admit a little food envy; I really enjoyed the flavor of the Sauerbraten. This was one of the times it was nice to share. The meat in the goulash was nice and tender, I just was not into the noodles. Probably because I was still eying the Sauerbraten. For dessert there were only three options; the strudel we had a couple weeks earlier, creme brulee and a chocolate cake that the server did not seem very enthusiastic about. We opted for the creme brulee as Tanya had never had one before. She enjoyed it a lot, so I probably should have ordered one for me too.

I only have one complaint about the place, no beer flights. I am sorry but if anywhere offers 10 or more beers on tap you need to sell flights. You put up a menu of a dozen beers then do not offer flights? That is just mean. Will I be back? Yes, I have a couple friends that I know will enjoy the place, and it is freeway close for a stop by after a bike ride, so it will make a nice stop. If they had flights, I would be there a lot more often.

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Oh, you might have noticed the logo for the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation on the photos. I am just trying to bring a little exposure to this organization which is the only one for those suffering from Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease, otherwise known as Rheumatoid Arthritis/RA. Please give if so inclined, or share my photos so someone else can be made aware of the organization by patients, for patients.

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