Back in April, when I made my first visit to Rock & Brews, I was walking around checking out the artwork decorating the place, I could not but help notice among all the rock and roll images was a lone banner on the center of the main wall. On it was the image of one soldier carrying another, obviously wounded soldier, with the words, “Wounded Warrior Project” below. Upon closer inspection I could see that it had been signed by many people from different branches of the armed forces. I made a mental note to investigate the Wounded Warrior Project and see if there was some way I could get involved.

Wounded Warrior Project
Wounded Warrior Project banner at Rock & Brews, El Segundo

Last weekend, while at BAM Fest, I saw that Rock & Brews had a booth and they were using it to promote an upcoming event; Rocktoberfest at LA Live, with a fund raising event kicking it off to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. I went over to talk to them about it and after an email or two it was decided that would photograph their opening night, Charity Gala, this Monday, October 15 at LA Live.

Rocktoberfest at BAM Fest
Rocktoberfest booth at BAM Fest

Presented by Rock & Brews and founded by Michael Zislis with the help of rock icon Gene Simmons and concert promoter Dave Furano, Rocktoberfest is going to be a blend of rock and roll, great beer and both traditional German and California cuisine. The food will be prepared by Wolfgang Puck. The proceeds from the night’s event will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. Rocktoberfest will run from Monday October 15 through Sunday October 21, with the week concluding with a beer festival where you will get the chance to sample 50+ breweries. A look at the schedule of events shows that this should be a fun week with lots of rock and roll. Monday evening Gene Simmons and others will be jamming on the main stage. This is going to be a lot of fun and for a good cause. I hope to see you there. You can get more details at

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