The Los Angeles Kings have won the 2012 Stanley Cup; the first time they have accomplished this since the franchise was founded way back in 1967. I decided to head over to Staples Center after I was convinced that I could not jinx their chances, and even though New Jersey scored about two minutes after I headed out, it was not enough to stop the Kings as they skated on to a 6-1 victory.

While I was relatively confident there would be no issues with crowd control, I parked about a good half-mile away (behind LAPD’s staging area) which turned out to be a pretty good thing. As I was walking towards the Staples Center, I noticed the Excalibur Restaurant had a sign out front advertising craft beer, so I stopped in and watched the end of the game with a few dozen enthusiastic fans. When the game ended, I made the short walk to Staples and joined the thousands that were celebrating. It is a good night to be an LA Kings fan. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings and their fans on a great season.

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