A relatively new topic I will be covering on GotBaddog.com is Internet marketing events. Tanya and I frequently attend events such as VidCon, Ad Tech and Search Engine Strategies. Since I changed the format of GotBaddog at the beginning of 2010 I do not have any photos up of prior events we attended, other than VidCon, but that is about to change. I will be attending Affiliate Summit West 2011 and the accompanying Affiliate Ball.

Affiliate Summit West is a three day marketing conference that will be held at the Wynn Las Vegas from January 9-11, 2011. I have not attended Affiliate Summit since 2008, and even though I only spent one day visiting the exhibition hall, I was quite impressed. It was packed, and provided vendors for every product imaginable. This year, I plan on attending more of the seminars

For those of you that have yet to register for ASW 2011, I regret to inform you that they are sold out. I think that in of itself tells a lot about this show. This is not the first time that I have seen them sell out, however, they are the only event of this type I recall seeing sell out. I think that says a lot. I will do my best to give an accurate portrayal of what is going on with my photos, but if you are thinking of getting into Internet marketing for profit, events such as Affiliate Summit are worth the investment.

Since my client, GotWebHost.com, has been a co-sponsor of previous parties such as the Player’s Ball and Affiliate Bash, I have obtained a few passes for the Affiliate Ball. The ball is open to all attendees of ASW, however, if you are not registered yet I do have a way to get in. If you buy advertising on GotBaddog.com or GeekGoodGirl.com, I will provide you with a pass to the ball. Hurry, as passes are limited. For information on advertising on either site, please contact me at LBrown@gotwebhost.com

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