I am usually the one trying to get someone to go for a bike ride and coming up with the destinations, so when my friend Phil asked me if I wanted to join him for a ride out to Chino I said yes and searched Google for a microbrewery in the area. When I woke up Saturday, I knew it was going to be a great day for a ride as it was already 70 at 9:00 AM.

Since the person Phil wanted to visit in Chino was not home yet, we decided to visit some mutual friends in Lake Elsinore to kill a little time. While we were visiting I happened to ask if they had tried out Craft Brewing Company since I knew it had to be pretty close. As it turns out, it was about a mile away and our friends were unaware of their existence; so we all headed over there. As it turned out, Sebring’s Catering out of Temecula was there serving chicken wraps, meatballs and penne salad, so we had some beer and food before heading out to Chino.

After visiting in Chino for a while we decided to head out to Claremont Craft Ales which was on the way home anyway. Claremont Craft Ales is a small operation that has been open for about seven months. They may be small but the place was packed. Since it was getting late I did not bother with a flight and opted for their Double Dude double IPA. It was very good. I met the owner, Simon, who told me they are getting enough business to keep selling out so I suspect they will be increasing their capacity before long. I know I will return to try some of their other brews.

Back to photos from Craft Brewing Co and Claremont Craft Ales

Back to photos from Craft Brewing Co and Claremont Craft Ales

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